Jacob John McLaughlin


Welcome to the official website of Jacob John McLaughlin. As a prolific Writer, his mission in life is to tell stories that inspire the imagination of his readers, taking their minds into a bizarre and otherworldly fantasy realm. Take a look through the site to find everything from his latest work and personal background!



Jacob John McLaughlin was well-known for his weird and otherworldly attitude, as well as his vivid imagination! It's safe to assume he's spent his entire life free of scientific and societal rules. His very odd personality made it difficult for him to maintain close connections with "normal" people. Although, because he spent most of his time in his own world, inventing alternative realities for others to escape into, this didn't bother him too much.


"The world wouldn't exist without Fantasy. Fantasies create Dreams, then they become our Reality." 

- J.J.M


Perhaps it was inevitable that he would make a profession out of dealing with words, fiction, and language—and enjoying every minute of it. He created many stores full of complicated characters, full of imperfection, credibility, relatability, and realism... He considers himself fortunate to be able to share his work with folks who are tired of the "normal." Explore further to view a variety of his work, future efforts, and upcoming events!

The Stargaze Harbor

 Jacob's current work of his Debut Novel

  "The Stargaze Harbor"

The story of Escapism into a reoccurring dream of the peculiar.

Image by Srikanta H. U

"We are cups constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is learning how to tip ourselves over and letting all the beautiful stuff out"

Ray Bradbury